Open Edge Computing Initiative

The Open Edge Computing Initiative is a collective effort by multiple  companies, driving the business opportunities and technologies  surrounding edge computing. The current members of the initiative are  listed below. This is Rolf´s change --> to be removed!!

What is the edge computing architecture?

Edge computing provides small data centers (edge nodes) in close proximity to the users. It enables a dramatic improvement in customer experience through low latency interaction with compute and storage resources just one hop away from the user.

What is the Open Edge Computing vision?

Any edge node will offer compute and storage resources to any user in close proximity through an open and globally standardized mechanism.  Any user-application or system is able to utilize the nearby edge computing services independent of the communication bearer, the edge node technology, and the edge operator.

What does the Open Edge Computing Initiative deliver?

The Open Edge Computing Initiative is driving the development of the eco-system around Edge Computing by:

  • Providing reference implementations of key edge functionalities
  • Providing live demonstrations of attractive edge applications
  • Creating a real-world edge computing test and trial center (called the Living Edge Lab)
  • Driving the adoption of Open Edge Computing with application providers, telecoms, and cloud service providers

What is the Living Edge Lab?

Developed with contributions from members of the Open Edge Computing Initiative, the Living Edge Lab will be a real-world test bed for showcasing the benefits of edge computing. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, near the campus of Carnegie Mellon University, the lab will bring together telecom operators, technology providers, and any other partner to demonstrate and measure the effects of bringing computation to the edge.

Initiative Members