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Senior Project Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University


OpenScout is a tool for automated situational awareness for Android devices, based upon the Gabriel platform.

Gabriel Platform v2

We have released Gabriel version 2.0. Clients can now send frames from multiple sources. Support for multiple cognitive engines, running on the same server or elsewhere.

OpenRTiST 2.0

OpenRTiST 2.0 has been released, built on a new Gabriel platform using websockets/protobufs. New features include dynamic discovery of styles, local execution using pytorch-android, and a new web app for training new models.

ConnectX 2019

The Open Edge Computing Initiative was present at this year's ConnectX Expo in Orlando, FL. Initiative members Carnegie Mellon University and Crown Castle partnered with MobiledgeX to form part of the 5G Connected Community space. The video below highlights the space sponsored by Crown Castle. To the left was the