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The Elijah project at Carnegie Mellon University has resulted in OpenStack++: a cloudlet library based on a modified QEMU with integration into the OpenStack platform. The cloudlet library provides essential functionality critical to the needs of computation at the edge including rapid provisioning, live VM handoff, and adaptation based upon current bandwidth. Below is an explanation of the various projects.

  • elijah-qemu
    Modified QEMU to support essential functionality of cloudlets (deduplication, reduction in semantic gaps).

  • elijah-provisioning
    A python-based cloudlet library which utilizes a modified QEMU to perform rapid provisioning and adaptive handoff of virtual machines.

  • elijah-openstack
    Openstack integration of cloudlet library functionality. Introduces a cloudlet panel in the OpenStack dashboard to create overlays, perform synthesis, and handoff virtual machines.

  • elijah-discovery-basic
    An API for cataloging and discovering cloudlets.

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