Mission Statement

"We have created a real-world testbed for Edge Computing with leading edge applications and user acceptance testing."


  • Partnership: developers for edge apps, edge services, and devices join forces with telco, infrastructure, and research
  • Test Diversity: various testbeds and latest technology available for a variety of user-case scenarios
  • Open Platform: edge computing based on several open edge platforms offering vendor and operator independent edge services

What is in it for you?

Whether you are an application developer, an application service provider, a technology provider, or a local business owner, the Living Edge Lab is a high value proposition that can provide many benefits.

Key Offerings

  • Open Edge Computing platform
  • Diverse testbeds in Pittsburgh, USA
  • Support by leading experts
  • Agile project

Key Benefits

  • Device and app trials
  • Location diversity
  • Live-user testing
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Pilot mobile innovations for your business
  • Marketing synergies

For more information about the Living Edge Lab, you can download the Overview PDF or send us an email.