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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Like so many of us, I recently needed to search online for a Covid 19 vaccine appointment. I found a site that did a particularly good job of identifying locations with open appointment slots near me and enthusiastically began a frantic cycle of refreshing, entering my information and requesting the

Connecting the Dots at the Edges

Source: In the 1980s, there were only a handful of places in the public internet where internet service providers could connect with the public internet to pass data between each other and with their users. These places, known as internet exchange points, were located at the

Edge-Native App Design When You Can’t See Behind the Curtain

IMAGE CREDIT: Pavan Trikutam -- Unsplashed In the mid-1980s, Bell Labs conducted a human-factors study to understand how telephone users conceptualized the telephone network. Within the switching engineering division, we thought of the network as a complex collection of switching, transmission and operation systems interconnected by a web of copper

Putting It All Together With Cognitive Assistance

By Jim Blakley, Living Edge Lab Associate Director, Carnegie Mellon University Source: Google AI BlogIn 2014, when my team at the time began working with modern artificial intelligence technologies, industry innovation focus was on neural network architecture. Every day, it seemed a new, more complex neural network was introduced (e.

When the Trainer Can’t Be There

By Jim Blakley, Associate Director Carnegie Mellon University Living Edge Lab As the Covid-19 pandemic continues across the globe, the need for people to work separately from each other grows. And, the activities that they need to accommodate are not just endless Zoom meetings and online classes. In person, hands-on