Demonstrations of edge-related projects in action

RTFace: Denaturing Live Video on Cloudlets

This demo shows how cloudlets can improve the scalability of video analytics and how they can be used to enforce privacy policies based on face recognition.   The demo also illustrates use of the OpenFace face recognition system that we have created.   RTFace combines OpenFace with face tracking across frames to

FaceSwap: Cloud versus Cloudlet Comparison of User Experience

This demo shows the difference between using a cloud and a cloudlet for an application where the impact of latency is easily perceivable by users.  We have created an Android application called "FaceSwap" that is available in the Google Play Store.   A back end VM image for an Amazon cloud

Drawing Assistant with Google Glass

Can a legacy application for training be modified to use Gabriel?  This demo shows how a Drawing Assistant created by researchers at INRIA in France has been modified to use a wearable device (Google Glass).  In its original form, a user would receive instruction to improve his drawing skills on

PingPong Assistant with Google Glass

This conceptually simple demo has proved to be especially popular because it brings out the importance of low latency.   A person wearing Google Glass plays ping-pong with a human opponent.    The video stream from the Glass device is streamed to a cloudlet and analyzed on each frame to detect the

Task Assistance Demo with Lego Assembly on Google Glass

This is the world's very first wearable cognitive assistance application!   We chose a deliberately simplified task (assembling 2D lego) since it was our first attempt.  The demo seems easy, but the code to implement it reliably was challenging (especially with flexible user actions and under different lighting conditions).

15-821 Fall 2015

10 course projects (many based on cloudlets and Gabriel)The Fall 2015 offering of 15-821/18-843 "Mobile and Pervasive Computing" course included many 2-person student projects based on cloudlets and wearable cognitive assistance. Examples include wearable cognitive assistance for gym exercises, using cloudlets for Google Street View hyper-lapse viewing,  real-time