We introduce the concept of "edge-native applications" that fully  exploit the potential of edge computing and have a deeply symbiotic  relationship with it. Such an application is custom-designed to take  advantage of one or more of the unique attributes of edge computing such  as (a) bandwidth scalability, (b) low-latency offload, (c)  privacy-preserving denaturing, and (d) WAN-failure resiliency. The  application may also contribute to scalability through adaptation to  reduce offered load. We contrast edge-native applications with shallower  uses of edge computing in a taxonomy that spans "edge-enhanced,  device-native applications", "edge-accelerated, cloud-native  applications", and "device-only applications". We close with a case  study that illustrates these concepts in the context of cognitive  assistance for automotive safety.

Satyanarayanan, M., Klas, G., Silva, M. Mangiante, S.
2019 IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing (EDGE), Milan, Italy, July 2019